Credit Card Without Credit History and proof of income


Are you looking for a credit card with no verified income? The first step to getting a credit card with no credit history and no income verification is finding a way to show that you have the financial ability to pay for the card, such as a paycheck to support your income.

However, the fact that you do not have a receipt issued by the company does not mean that you cannot apply for a credit card, on the contrary, you can prove the income you received in various ways.

Credit Card Without Credit History and proof of income
Credit Card Without Credit History and proof of income (Image: Internet)

Depending on the activity you carry out, there are different types of income receipts.

Types of Credit Card Without Credit History do not verify income

Although it is not possible to apply for a credit card without proof of income, banks and financial institutions currently offer some credit cards with less demand, that is, the terms are more flexible and, if not all conditions can be met, they can be First Class. election requirements. Demand. For example:

Guaranteed credit card: You deposit a certain amount of money as a guarantee or endorsement of the plastic provided by the bank.

Departmental credit card: it is issued by a departmental store and has a clear credit limit.

Youth and/or Student Basic Credit Card: Matches the line's basic cards, which provide limited benefits of using the credit card, such as certain rewards and discounts at various locations.

What are the advantages of a Credit Card Without Credit History?oy coproof of income?

For this type of credit card, there are several benefits, including: Secure credit card. With this plastic, you can set the amount of credit you want to spend, avoid short- or long-term debt, and also access the rewards program.

Departmental credit card: In addition to having credit in the store that issues it, you will have access to additional discounts on merchandise and the possibility of paying months without interest or fees, exclusive promotions and rewards on purchases made, among others. In addition, these credit cards are also used to pay at other establishments.

Basic credit card for young people and/or students: Like a departmental credit card, with this type of card you can defer your payments for months, accumulate points and access some basic modality of the rewards program of the bank that issues it.

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Remember that each credit card offers different benefits depending on the needs and lifestyle of each person, so when selecting one, choose the one with the greatest benefits for your purchases and charge fewer commissions.

So how about applying for a No Credit History Credit Card and proof of tickets today?

Do not forget to opt for the Credit Card Without Credit History and the receipt of the ticket that best suits your needs as a client, making correct use, avoiding economic losses.