How to download the glucose app?


Did you know that you can control blood glucose levels through apps installed on your cell phone or tablet? Glucose app is a good outlet for this.

Diabetes, especially in adults, requires close and constant monitoring to keep blood sugar levels within a suitable range. Often several medications are needed, a regimen of several doses per day, diet, glucose tests.

How to download the glucose app?
How to download the glucose app? (Image: Internet)

Also, it's very helpful to be able to show your doctor the results of home tests during your regular checkups.

For all these reasons, there are various solutions in the form of applications for mobile devices or tablets that help control blood glucose levels. Do you want to know what these systems are? see below

The best glucose app for diabetes management

To help you, we have separated 5 application options to control your glucose and thus maintain your normal diabetes levels:

  • MyDiabeticAlert: glucose application

This is an app developed for caregivers of diabetic patients who still have some independence in caring for themselves. It can be installed on the cell phone or tablet of patients and caregivers, who must register. Seniors with diabetes will be able to enter data and caregivers will receive real-time alerts and information on their own phones.

In addition, this app provides information on the health menu and allows you to record data such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, physical activity, and more.

  • SocialDiabetes

With features to manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the app is simple and intuitive, letting you manage things like blood sugar levels, diet, medications, exercise, and more.

It stands out for its management capabilities in the cloud, where data can be shared with third parties to facilitate coordination with other family members, caregivers, and even doctors or nurses. For added safety, it complies with the European Directives for Medical Devices.

  • Diabetes: glucose application

The app is like a "health diary" with a very complete function that allows you to record blood sugar levels, but also bedtime, meals, medication and even where we inject insulin to rotate the puncture site . Sometimes we can visualize all this data in tables and graphs, which can be of great help for periodic reviews by your doctor.

  • mySugr Diabetes Diary

This phone or tablet tool is used to record all diabetes related data (blood glucose, meals, medication, exercise) so that it can be retrieved and shared with a doctor or nurse later. Plus, it has a handy insulin calculator to make dosing easy. This app is registered as a medical device in the European Union.

  • A drop: glucose application

If you want to monitor your dependent family members' blood glucose levels as well as cholesterol and blood pressure, this app can help you with all of that.

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