Do you want to work in Canada, the United States or Germany?


It is the dream of many people to work in Canada, the United States or Germany, but do you know how to do it, acting legally, being able to choose the area that best suits your professional profile?

Working abroad has become more and more frequent among the residents of our country, especially among young people who end up finding better living conditions abroad.

Do you want to work in Canada, the United States or Germany?
Do you want to work in Canada, the United States or Germany? (Image: Internet)

And making the dream come true is possible thanks to the labor mobility mechanism operated by the National Employment Service (SNE).

This labor contracting system is regulated and coordinated by a bilateral agreement between the Mexican-Canadian government and employers in the United States and Germany. Therefore, it is committed to promoting the movement of Mexican workers in these countries in an orderly, legal and safe manner.

Therefore, in accordance with the personnel requirements of Canadian and US employers, the SNE recruits and selects unemployed and underemployed individuals who have the minimum employer-required work experience in the occupations offered. SNE is the only government agency with the authority to recruit, select, and hire workers.

How to work in Canada, the United States or Germany

To work in Canada, the United States or Germany you must meet some requirements, which include:

  • Have Mexican nationality and reside in the national territory;
  • Being of legal age to apply for a job, with a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Have a valid official identification;
  • Have the United Population Registration Certificate;
  • Verify the record of the last degree of studies;
  • Demonstrate language proficiency in accordance with the employer's requirement and the occupation offered;
  • Have verifiable work experience through job letters according to the vacancy offered.

What are the benefits of working abroad?

Now that you know more about this way of working, discover the advantages of working in Canada, the United States or Germany:

  • experience another culture

Working abroad allows you to have genuine contact with Americans and immerse yourself in their local culture: history, art, gastronomy… you can see everything up close!

  • Improve the language

Being in contact with the residents all the time, you will learn the language the way it is spoken, which is often not the case in language schools.

  • be more independent

Even if you already live outside your parents' house or even in another city, you are still in a country that speaks your mother tongue, where you know the customs. Now imagine living in a place with a different language than yours and with a different culture too?

  • Differentiation in the labor market

Working abroad has a greater weight in your study plan than most of the professional experiences you may have in Brazil. This is especially true when you are applying for positions that value good interpersonal relationships and a good knowledge of the English language, which is to say almost all.

  • earn some extra money

Many people who are going to work abroad manage to pay their travel expenses and even undertake a tourist trip at the end of the program, take the opportunity to do some shopping or even save the money to make a later investment.

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