Discover the applications to create your own avatar!


There are more and more applications that allow you to create avatars from your smartphone. These create your own avatar apps allow you to create an avatar that looks like you so that you can use it on different social networks.

Creating your own avatar is a lot of fun. These layouts can be used as your profile picture on social media or even in other messaging apps that you use to chat with friends.

Discover the applications to create your own avatar!
Discover the applications to create your own avatar! (Image: Internet)

Of course, it may seem a bit complicated to make at first, but you don't need to know how to draw or use any advanced software to make your avatar. Most of the best avatar creators are very easy to use.

6 applications to create your own avatar

You can create your own avatar using some specialized websites and apps. That way, you can manually select the features of an avatar or use a photo to automatically turn it into one. Below we recommend which are the best options available.

  1. bit emoji

Download and create your own character in minutes. The steps are simple, you just need to create your account, indicate your gender, take a photo as a guide, and modify your avatar features such as hair color, face shape, clothing, and other options to get the same result. as close to you as possible.

  1. Zepetoapplications to create your own avatar

Do you want to create a 3D emoji? Then this is an app for you. Take a photo and let your character be created. When you're done, you can dress him however you like and let him pose however you like. So you can share it on other platforms.

  1. what a face

Create your avatar manually and have fun along the way. Explore your creative side and design your character to your liking, dress it up and wear the look that most resembles you. At the end of the process, you can use your phone to record images or share them directly on the web.

  1. Memojiapplications to create your own avatar

It stands out for giving you the option to create your own icons and place them in more fun and dynamic graphics like hearts, stars and more. After that you can customize it by adding eyes and mouths with different expressions, lenses, masks, hats and other items.

  1. Cartoon

This is one more option among the best sites to create your own avatar, with the premise that everything is especially cartoonish. The best thing is that you can do everything manually or just choose the effects that you want to add to your photos.

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  1. Cartoon Avatar Photo Makerapplications to create your own avatar

This is a very good application with which you can create a cartoon style avatar very similar to your own. Here you will find many great options to create your own avatar, including different face shapes, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories, and more.