Free apps to watch movies on your cell phone


Now you can enjoy that buttered popcorn and free movie apps on your cell phone in the comfort of your own home.

Something as simple as watching a good movie on the weekend, or relaxing after work, can be a great and affordable option and the free movie watching app has made it even easier.

Free apps to watch movies on your cell phone
Free application to watch movies on your cell phone (Image: Internet)

The best apps for watching movies are now available for Android and iOS, the internet is full of mobile apps.

In addition, there is a large list of free applications on the web, of course many of the applications and platforms have the premium version, with super complete and free options, with impeccable quality.

But, what are the types of free applications to watch movies on the cell phone?

5 free applications to watch movies on your mobile for your enjoyment

  1. Youtube

Many people do not know that, in addition, the YouTube platform is a great option to watch movies for free.

You can also count on a wide variety of series and documentaries.

In addition, the platform has its own works, it has won the hearts of the whole world, more than a million users all over the place.

It has tons of free originals, impeccable quality apps.

  1. Vix – free apps to watch movies

The VIX app is a streaming service with movies, series, and shows, including original content from the platform.

To make it easier for you to find all the content you want to see, you can view content by category.

The titles are divided by options such as Children, Series, Exploration, Movie and even Novel.

  1. pluto tv

The Pluto TV app is a platform that offers live TV channels, as well as on-demand movies and series.

In addition, television channels have continuous schedules, such as the standard start and end time of the program.

  1. Plexus – free apps to watch movies

In addition to allowing the use of multimedia content on smart TVs and mobile devices. The Plex app also works as a free streaming service for the platform, apart from various movies, documentaries, shows of various genres.

Mainly because the app has options for all tastes, action, drama, culture, comedy, critically acclaimed and much more.

  1. Old Movies - Old but Golden

The Old Movies is an app that offers hundreds of classic titles for free and without the need for a theme.

The app brings together movies that are already in the public domain and hosted on YouTube in one place.

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Also, just look for the date of inclusion or genre, the themes are diverse, there is action, adventure, comedy, drama and many others.

So, which application to watch movies on your cell phone from the ones we mentioned above did you like the most or do you already use?