Job offers to work at Mercadona – Online application and Salaries


Mercadona is a family-owned supermarket chain based in Spain, with good job offers for all ages. It is based on a close business model and, for this reason, it sells local food, personal hygiene, domestic cleaning and pet care products under its own brands. I have many job offers to work at Mercadona.

Mercadona has more than 85,500 employees in Spain, a network of 1,400 suppliers and more than 20,000 SMEs and producers of raw materials, which places it as the sales leader in Spain with sales of 24,305 million euros in 2018, with around 5.3 million families as customers.

Job offers to work at Mercadona - Online application and Salaries
Job offers to work at Mercadona – Online application and Salaries (Image: Internet)

Work environment – Job offers to work at Mercadona

All of the company's employees are an invaluable asset and, as a whole, form a high-performance team, committed to excellence and maximizing customer satisfaction.

To meet the needs of its employees, Mercadona has implemented a well-known human resources policy, recognized for providing stable, quality employment, among other values. Thanks to this differentiation policy, Mercadona has a cohesive, talented and progressive team.

A diverse workforce is one of the company's goals. They believe that work teams should diversify because this greatly increases their competitiveness and unlocks them. When different perspectives and experiences are brought into contact, the results obtained are significantly improved.

Through an inclusive corporate culture, we seek the full and satisfactory integration of everyone based on our Total Quality Model and values such as respect, equity and positive recognition of differences. These policies contribute to the satisfaction of our employees and increase their sense of belonging and loyalty to the company, as well as attracting new and diverse talent.

Benefits offered by the company

The working conditions at Mercadona stand out for providing stable, quality employment through a human resources model that promotes values such as training, internal promotion and equity.

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Mercadona's Human Resources Policy is recognized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and is the first company in the distribution sector to be classified by Mercadona. What does Mercadona offer?

Stable and quality employment

Mercadona employees have permanent contracts and salaries that are above the industry average.

  • Differentiated Remuneration Policy

Mercadona distributes a part of its annual benefits to its employees. In addition, Mercadona workers benefit from a remuneration policy with salary increases at each stage of the department, with up to five quotas for each position.

  • Training opportunities and internal promotion

If you shape people and give them opportunities, you create a talent pool.

  • Mediation measures

Mercadona ensures that its teams coordinate their professional and personal functions. Among other measures, it offers the possibility of extending the maternity base for another month and has children's centers in some of its logistics areas. In addition, a five-day (5+2) working week was introduced for supermarket employees, a pioneering measure to work 140 days a year for free.

  • Transparency and Commitment

Mercadona shares company information and objectives with employees. In addition, to develop people's talent, dialogue and participation are encouraged, and to extract the best ideas it is necessary to promote the creativity of all company employees.

Requests for offers employment to work in Mercadona

To access job offers within Mercadona, access the website Working with me – Mercadona and see what opportunities are open within the company now for this month.