Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity


The Banamex Sinannuality Credit Card is the best option for you to finally get rid of the annual fee charged by your current card.

Recently, Citibanamex launched a new Banamex Sin Annuidad credit card, which will compete face to face with other alternatives in the field of non-annual gold cards in our country.

Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity
Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity (Image: Internet)

This type of card was designed for those who are looking for a practical means of payment in their day to day and do not necessarily want to pay for other benefits that they do not value or use.

As we already mentioned, its main feature is that it does not charge an annual fee, but charges a commission of US $ 145 for non-use or inactivity. If you don't make a purchase at least once a month, the peso is at least US $ 1. Basically, Citibanamex's suggestion is that if you use the card every month, you won't have to pay the annual fee and

Do you know more about the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity?

For those who already have another credit card and earn more than 7,000 pesos a month, the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity can be approved.

To request this type of card, it is enough to fill in the online form, and if authorized, it is necessary to present the current INE and proof of address.

But, what makes the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity truly unique? This card is a classic grade product issued under the accepted MasterCard brand, so it can be used in physical and online stores around the world.

To strengthen its value proposition, the Simplicity Card is managed through the Citibanamex mobile application. Operations you can perform with this tool include:

  • Transaction and purchase inquiries Modification of the consumption limit;
  • Analysis of costs related to other months and per minute;
  • Card blocking in case of loss or theft;
  • Access to invoices through the application;
  • Participation in promotions of the Mastercardsais network Supervision and clarifications Exhibition of promotions.

Benefits of the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity

However, among the benefits that we find the most interesting of the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity are its security features, since in physical stores you will have the protection of the chip and your pinch when authorizing purchases, but also if you buy online, your CVV will be digital and unique for each purchase.

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So what did you think of this type of credit card? Remembering that you must always correctly use the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity. And how it works

Never exceed your monthly usage limit. That's because if you can't pay the bill, you're going into debt, and that's not what your credit card was made for. It was created to make life easier for people, in addition to providing security when buying.

I apply today for the Banamex Credit Card Without Annuity and take advantage of its benefits.