The Holy Bible online to read – See how to install the application


Reading the Bible online has become an excellent option for those who seek to be in contact with the word of God, but do not have time to spend with the printed version. Therefore, with the Holy Bible online to read, with the application installed on the cell phone, it is easier to have contact with divine orders, being able to follow them at any time of the day.

And some options of the Holy Bible can be downloaded to the cell phone. Curious? See below which apps are the most requested.

The Holy Bible online to read – See how to install the application
The Holy Bible online to read – See how to install the application (Image: Internet)
  • The Catholic Holy Bible: Holy Bible online to read

This is a very simple application, but at the same time very complete. When he opened it, it took us directly to the first few verses of the first book of the online Bible, Genesis. In this reading interface, the screen is completely clear, except for a magnifying glass for text search and a selector for quick book changes.

In addition, we can select verses and highlight them with color, save them as bookmarks or make notes on them. If we slide from left to right, we will open the side menu where we have more options. For €2.49 we can remove ads from the app, establish reading plans of 90, 180 and 360 days and the app will choose how much to read per day to complete a complete reading in the selected time.

We can also get an overview of all our favorites and notes, switch to night mode for more comfortable reading, and send feedback to the developers.

  • the bible in spanish: Holy Bible online to read

This application shows that God heard the prayers of Matías Duarte (responsible for Android design), since we found a very intuitive application that perfectly fits the Material Design specifications. On the home page we find a small preview of the last verses that we read for the last time, which gives us the possibility to continue reading, and below we will find a series of verses of the day selected automatically by the application.

If we show the side menu, we can access a view of all the biblical books, divided into Old and New Testaments, and a tab called Progress where we can see our reading progress in percentage. Finally, we can also annotate and save parts of the text as bookmarks.

  • Bible: Holy Bible online to read

This app is an Editors' Choice for Google Play and while it's more complete, it's designed a little less to our liking than before. It is very overloaded and can be intuitive at times. This application allows us to read many versions of the Bible online in Spanish, including Dios Habla Hoy de Valera.

So let's look for the version outside of pure Catholicism, as we see now, in all parts of the application. The home screen offers us all kinds of content in the form of letters, first of all, it allows us to download the Bible to read offline and God is with us wherever we go. So he suggested scriptures for the day and some plans to be closer to the Lord, like fasting for 21 days or praying every day, you know, God loves you, but he loves to make you happy.

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  • children's bible

This application in the form of a game will try to explain the Bible online to young children. With a naive aesthetic, we will have to overcome the different levels of reading the fragment of the sacred book, we will ask questions about it and we will end with a small game to help preserve the content. It's free and each step is guided by voice and in Spanish, making it even easier.