Bus app in real time: find out where your bus is


Every day more and more choose to use public transport in their day to day, although now everything works very differently due to the virus, we know that these applications will be your relief, get to know the bus application in real time.

Punctuality is very important in the modern world, whenever the overcrowding in a big city like Madrid prevents us from getting to work on time, even a minute late can make us miss the bus.

Bus app in real time: find out where your bus is
Bus app in real time: find out where your bus is (Image: Internet)
  • Moovit – App for urban transport

Moovit guides you from point A to point B in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Easily get live train and bus schedules and routes, maps and arrival times so you can plan your trips with confidence. Find alerts, reviews and service interruptions for your favorite lines.

  • WeGoreal time bus app

WeGo is a free app that makes it easy to navigate around the city, whether by taxi, public transportation, or in your own car. Book a taxi with just a tap, or find turn-by-turn directions, turn-by-turn directions, and information on all your travel options. If you are in a hurry, you can take a taxi or book a future trip. Use your car, bicycle or public transport to reach your destination. HERE WE GO offers tips for all forms of movement. Just compare and choose what suits you best.

  • google mapsbus application in real time.

Are you going to take the bus and want to know how long it will be at your stop? Google Maps can help you with that. The application allows you to track the route of public transport in real time.

You will also be able to track how long the bus will take to get to the next stop and know if you are late or on time.

The feature also tracks subway trains and is available for devices Android and iOS.

  • Urban Stepbus application in real time.

Urban Step is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to use your phone's GPS to locate and cover bus routes in the most visited cities in the country.

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It provides a detailed route map that shows the time remaining until your designated transport arrives and indicates the nearest bus stop by number so you can set your route for the day and catch any bus you need as it will be constantly updated. Also, create a list of your favorite sites to make visiting even easier and faster.