How to save money in the supermarket: tips to squeeze every penny in the purchase


Anyone who goes shopping has surely noticed: prices in general are getting higher and higher. Learning to save money in the supermarket has become a necessity. However, how to spend less if going to the market is essential?

Leaving the market certain that you spent more than you expected is common. However, this does not have to be the rule. With patience and commitment, it is possible to save in the market and guarantee the needs of your family.

How to save money in the supermarket: tips to squeeze every penny in the purchase

How to save money at the supermarket

Like our tips below, you'll learn how to save money at the grocery store without giving up the essentials. Let's go there?

  1. Don't go to the supermarket hungry

When we go shopping hungry, we tend to spend more than we should. We end up buying more products on a whim, which saves nothing at the grocery store.

  1. Try not to go to the supermarket with children

For many it was difficult because they had no one to stay with. But it's important to know that children may be more attracted to more expensive or even redundant products. If possible, try not to take your child to the supermarket. This helps save money at the supermarket.

  1. Before leaving home, make a list of what you need to buy

This advice is important both for you to buy only what you need and to reduce your time in the supermarket. With the lists you can get all your products from the same session without having to go around the supermarket.

  1. Limit how much you can spend

Just as important as the checklist is determining how much you can spend on your purchase. So you can control your purchases and keep only what you really need. This technique can also be used in other situations such as parties, clubs, travel.

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  1. Create a weekly menu

A tip for those who need to make a shopping list to make life easier is to create a menu for the week. So you've thought about all the ingredients you need that you don't have at home yet to save money at the supermarket.

  1. Take advantage of promotion days

Many supermarkets have special days for cleaning and hygiene products, or days when products are cheaper. Depending on your menu and shopping list, you can choose the days that pay you the most or are more favorable for you to save money in the supermarket.

  1. Research the prices of supermarkets in your area

A tool that can help you at this point is the supermarket guide created by Proteste. It finds you the best supermarket based on the price and location of the product.

  1. Avoid monthly purchases

Another tip to save at the supermarket is to avoid bulk or monthly purchases. By filling your cart, you risk including unwanted products.

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  1. Evaluate the probability of buying the item wholesale

You can also save by buying in bulk. But remember the advice above: do not get carried away and buy more than you should. Evaluate products that can actually be purchased in bulk, such as non-perishable products or cleaning and hygiene materials.

  1. Never forget to check the effectiveness of the product

Complementing the previous tip is to always focus on the effectiveness of the product. It is useless to buy many wholesale if you are not going to consume them before the expiration date.

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