The best destinations to travel in South America


Traveling is good for the soul and the body and when we choose good itineraries, that vacation trip becomes more special. And we live in a privileged continent, where you can find the best destinations to travel in South America.

This region is so special that every year, Time magazine publishes a guide with the 100 best places to visit, and the best destinations to travel in South America could not be missing. Are you curious to know more about these places?

The best destinations to travel in South America
The best destinations to travel in South America (Image: Internet)

Discover the 8 best destinations to travel in South America

To help you choose, we have selected the 8 best destinations to travel in South America that cannot be missing from your list of countries you want to visit on your next vacation:

  1. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

The salt desert in Bolivia covers an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers and is 3,656 meters above sea level. Between December and April there is a mirror effect between the rain and the saline surface, which makes the sky reflect on the horizon.

  1. Quito, Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978 due to its architecture of baroque art. Quito, founded 487 years ago, is known for its gastronomic routes and nature tourism: the hot springs, volcanoes and national parks are widely explored.

3. Puerto Escondido – Mexico

This Mexico City is a popular surf spot and has gained fame in Time magazine with its fair of Mexican design, new hotels and bars.

  1. Patagonia National Park – Chile

The park, one of the main tourist attractions on the continent, was created in a Chilean reserve less than three years ago. The fauna of bald eagles, llamas, pumas and deer stands out, as well as 100% renewable energy.

5. Mendoza Argentina

This city in northwestern Argentina is famous for its wine production. In addition to the various wineries and Andean landscapes, such as the Aconcagua Provincial Park, the magazine also offers exquisite cuisine.

  1. Mexico City – Mexico

Mexico City has boardwalks, marine life, and the deserted island of Espírito Santo as an active place to visit.

7. José Ignacio – Uruguay Near Punta del

This town is an old fishing village known for its accommodation options, bars and restaurants on the beach dunes.

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8. Costa Rica

With its beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests, the country is a popular destination for American tourists. The conference highlighted the country's environmental protection efforts, which materialized in the reforestation of 53% of the territory. Almost all of the country's energy comes from renewable sources.