Credit Card Without Guaranteed Credit Bureau


Having a Credit Card Without a Credit Bureau is what many people want, but most banks end up creating some bureaucratic processes to release the service. But that changed with the Credit Card Without Bureau Guaranteed Credit Card.

The so-called Guaranteed Credit Cards can be obtained more easily, since it is not necessary to prove income or present credit vouchers for approval.

Credit Card Without Guaranteed Credit Bureau
Credit Card Without Guaranteed Credit Bureau (Image: Internet)

Thus, this type of credit card is a great opportunity for those who have never had access to this service, or who have economic problems or are looking to improve their credit score with the help of the card.

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But, which companies offer a Guaranteed No Bureau Credit Card? See below!

4 types of Credit Card Without a Credit Bureau

To help you choose, we have separated the 4 Credit Cards Without Bureau Guaranteed with easy approval.

Banco Azteca – Guaranteed Credit Card Without Credit Bureau Gold

  • It can be obtained without credit history (a deposit or investment account is required for a minimum amount of $ 2,500 pesos).
  • No lifetime annual fee when used at least once a month.
  • A line of credit of 70% of the amount deposited in the investment account is granted.
  • Reimbursement of 20% of the value of the first purchase.
  • Reimbursement of 1% on the total of all purchases made in the month and reimbursement of 1.5% in certain Grupo Salinas stores.
  • No second year annuity accumulating annual purchases for $ 40K.

Banco Azteca – VAS credit card

  • For young people from 18 to 24 years old;
  • No credit history or proof of income required. However, it is necessary to open a bank account or invest with a minimum value of 2500 pesos.
  • No annual fee each time used once a month;
  • Provides a line of credit of the 70% of the amount of the deposit in the investment account;
  • Reimbursement of 20% of the value of the first purchase;
  • 1% of the total value of all your purchases for the month will be reimbursed.

Banregio-Hey Card (no credit history)

  • No annual fees and low interest rates;
  • Guaranteed approval with a minimum deposit of $ 3,000 (escrow);
  • 6 months to withdraw your deposit and request a standard Banregio card;
  • 70% credit limit of your deposit (ranges from USD 2,100 to USD 35,000 million);
  • Access the 100% invoice online through the app installed on the mobile.

Banregio – Hey Card (bad credit bureau)

  • You do not need proof of income or high credit score;
  • No annual fee;
  • Low interest;
  • Approval guaranteed by a minimum deposit of $ 3,000 (custody).
  • 24-month period for deposit withdrawal and Banregio application;
  • Line of credit available for the 70% of your deposit (it can range between $ 2,100 and $ 35,000 million)
  • Access the invoice, limit and payment completely online, with the app installed on your cell phone or tablet.

So, which of the options of the Guaranteed Credit Card Without Bureau adapts to your daily needs?