Credit Card Without Credit History and easy approval


The credit card without credit history is distinguished from the others, as its name indicates, by the greater simplicity in which we can obtain them compared to the usual ones.

The application for credit cards in general, unlike debit cards, goes through phases of data analysis and subsequent approval or denial, so that when they are easy to approve, they can become an alternative method to traditional loans, where banks are generally more demanding.

Credit Card Without Credit History and easy approval
Credit Card Without Credit History and easy approval (Image: Internet)

That is because the credit card is a very useful tool in our day to day: finance or postpone purchases of medium and large amounts of money, as a guarantee for flight and hotel reservations, or as an alternative method of cash.

So, what do you think about knowing the 5 Credit Cards Without Credit History and Easy Approval?

5 Credit Card Without Credit History and easy approval

Now that you know a little about the Credit Card Without Credit History and Easy Approval, see below the best options on the market:

  • YOU card

The YOU card belongs to Advanzia Bank, one of the main issuers of credit cards in Germany and which has gained followers in Spain and other European countries. Its biggest advantage is that you can withdraw money from more than 1 million ATMs around the world, without paying commissions, and also make purchases.

With the insurance it provides, it is the ideal option for trips abroad. But it's also a card that allows you to delay payment for up to 7 weeks after purchase, making it a must-have card.

  • Bankinter Combo Card

Bankinter is a benchmark entity in Spain because they are pioneers in some of the gestures that we have carried out in the execution of banking procedures: executing them over the Internet, receiving payment confirmations via SMS and having the bank on the mobile.

The biggest advantage of the Bankinter Card Combo Card is that it combines two cards in one, which is convenient for our purchases.

  • WiZink Card

WiZink is a local online bank with more than 2 million customers in Spain and Portugal. The highlight of the WiZink card is that you can choose between different payment methods according to your need, with or without interest, depending on the chosen method.

  • EVO card

EVO Bank was born in 2012, when it emerged as an alternative to traditional banks, with a simple and transparent brand. Although it was acquired by the Bankinter Group in 2018, it was not absorbed by it like other entities, so it continued to maintain its identity within the group.

One of EVO's trademarks has always been their EVO smart card, which is a hybrid of credit and debit cards, allowing you to decide whether you want to pay on time or in installments via the app, or however you like.

  • wono card

Wono is a Banco Santander company that operates in Spain and Portugal that created this card as a tool to manage payments made by employees of small and medium-sized companies, in order to replenish cash and thus better control expenses, which it is his strong point.

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Credit Card Without Credit History and handling fee

It is a debit card service, and therefore the Wono card does not have many of the features that we see in others, such as the APR or the credit limit, since it works in a completely different way. As such a service, it has a fixed monthly cost (€14.99) after the first two months, which are free.