Credit Card Without Credit History and handling fee


Did you know you can apply for a No Credit History credit card and handling fee today?

There are banks and financial institutions that can provide you with a credit card without asking about your credit history. Credit history is a detailed record of all the credit a person has over a period of time and serves as a back-up for financial institutions to view credit life behaviors and scores.

Credit Card Without Credit History and handling fee
Credit Card Without Credit History and handling fee (Imagem: Internet)

Do not forget to use the free online comparator to compare the options offered by the bank so that you can more easily find the different options to choose a credit card without credit history.

Tips for an easy-to-obtain credit card

Own a savings or payroll account: If the applicant has a savings or payroll account with a bank, it is generally easier for the bank to issue a credit card.

Applying for a department store card: A department store card is a card provided by a large supermarket chain that is used to purchase products and offer discounts in their stores. These cards are easy to obtain and can help you build credit history.

Put your line of credit to good use: The first time you apply for a credit card, the bank may be able to raise a smaller amount of financing. Although it may go up, it performs well and you won't get too much debt. It's cheaper with the credit card they deserve.

Credit Card Cost – For things to keep in mind, the cheapest credit card depends on the purpose they serve. In addition to the commission and the CAT (total annual cost), is also a percentage indicator of the total cost of ownership. 1 year. They should go through the options, review and compare all related fees to choose the right credit card for them.

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Types of credit cards without credit history

Do you want to access a service like this? We have reserved some credit cards with no credit history that have a better chance of being released:

– Department card

The department card will be approved immediately and can be used at the store you applied for. This card also allows you to use it at multiple institutions and gives you the option to start building a credit history.

- Warranty card

The security card is guaranteed by a sum of money deposited in the bank as a guarantee of payment. Generally speaking, the credit limit is equal to the value of the collateral. The main banks that offer these cards are Banco Azteca, Banco del Bajío and Scotiabank.

– Basic / Youth Card

These plastics are the most used by young people and the credits granted are less, but they have more benefits in terms of interest and commissions. If after making a different request to open a credit card with no credit history, the entity rejects the card, you will have to send some documents, such as payment receipts, telephone bills, other documents that we paid, etc.

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Remember that each bank has a different credit card approval process. We recommend that you opt for one linked to a basic account or youth cards with minimum credit values to start building your credit history from scratch and enter the financial world. The most important thing is to make good use of financial products and avoid getting into debt.